Monthly Archives: January, 2015

Pupusas Salvadoreñas

As a chef, I have done lots of traveling and enjoyed flavors and dishes from all over the world.  My very first international trip was to Central America.  Right after graduating high school, I went to Honduras with the purpose of visiting my sister while she served in the Peace Corps, but the trip did […]

KC’s Granola Bars

Chefs are notoriously the worst eaters; sometimes we are so busy cooking for others we don’t have the time or energy to cook for ourselves!  Here at KC, we know that problem stretches further than our profession, and so, in an effort to fill our bodies with some healthy energy, we decided to create a […]

Banana Walnut Muffins

Sometimes a good cup of coffee and a delicious muffin can start the day on a perfect note.  Over the years we have developed a great banana bread recipe to use up that stray banana or two that always seems to turn brown faster than it can be consumed!  We whipped up the batter, crumbled […]

Mom’s Pizza

Everyone who knows KC knows that Mom can give them a run for their money any day.  She bakes, braises, stews, sautés, broils, poaches, roasts, mixes, you name it!  And she’s been at it for years and years; a stack of cookbooks by her bedside, flipping through food magazines on long car rides or reading […]