Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Lemon Raspberry Bars

It’s the end of February, and we are all looking for spring.  It doesn’t seem to be coming too soon though, as it went down to -9 degrees last night.  We decided to keep our spirits high by designing a bar with the flavors of spring and summer to get us through the next month […]


It’s cold outside, 18 below zero to be exact.  It’s actually warmer in Antarctica right now, and that’s a sad thought.  When it’s this cold out, there’s not much you care to do except curl up on the couch with a blanket and a hot cup of tea.  And what goes great with tea?  Cookies, […]

KC’s Paczkis

As chefs, we shop for food almost every day.  And at every market, bakery, and recipe sight, we see paczkis.  They sit on racks as you walk into the store, in cases in the bakery section, and then, in case you missed them, they are placed on tables near the checkout, the boxes proudly bearing […]

Easy Weeknight Paella

Different legends about the origin of paella are told all over the world.  The one I heard in culinary school is that a fisherman’s wife was sick, and so he went around his village and asked his neighbors what they had to spare so that he may cook his wife a meal that would make […]