Fourth of July Catering Special

Firstly, thank you for looking over our menu and considering us to cater your Fourth of July party! We’re very happy to serve you.

The menu this year is split up into trays, whereby you can order full trays or half trays of the desired food item. Pick and choose your meats, sides, salads and condiments to your liking! When you’re finished building your menu, give us a call or contact us via our contact page.

Note: Some salads will be delivered in disposable bowl containers, rather than trays. 

Fourth of July Menu

Pulled Pork

Tender, applewood smoked pulled pork.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $80                               Price: $42

Feeds: 30                                Feeds: 15


Beer Brats

House made bratwurst infused with local microbrews.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $90                               Price: $45

Feeds: 36 (qty. 36)                Feeds: 18 (qty. 18)


Gourmet Stuffed Burgers

Our Choice Ground beef burgers come in three delicious flavors: Mushroom, onion and havarti; bacon, cheddar and Jalapeno; or tomato, basil and mozzarella.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $113                               Price: $45

Feeds: 25  (qty. 25)                Feeds: 10 (qty. 10)


Lemon Herb Chicken

8-piece grilled chicken marinated for 48 hours in lemon, herb and garlic.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $75                                 Price: $35

Feeds: 20-25                            Feeds: 10-15


Veggie Burgers

Don’t leave out our vegetarian friends! Our Veggie burgers come in two flavors: Black bean or Spinach and Feta.


Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $125                                 Price: $65

Feeds: 30                                   Feeds: 15


Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $113                                 Price: $55

Feeds: 30                                  Feeds: 15





Baked Beans

House made slow cooked baked beans with bacon, molasses and brown sugar.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $50                                 Price: $25

Feeds: 40-50                           Feeds: 20-25



buttermilk cornbread with fresh corn and sweet cream butter.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $40                                 Price: $20

Feeds: 40                                  Feeds: 20


Corn on the Cob

Locally farmed corn steamed with butter and salt. Simple, but so good!

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $28                                 Price: $14

Feeds: 24                                  Feeds: 12


Mac & Cheese

Creamy mac made with a selection of 3 artisan cheeses, topped with browned crumbs for a crisp, buttery garnish.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $68                                 Price: $35

Feeds: 25-30                             Feeds: 12


Potato Salad

A recipe from the old south! KC’c potato salad is a delicious combination of Idaho potatoes, hard boiled eggs, house mayo, relish and paprika.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $56                                 Price: $28

Feeds: 40-50                            Feeds: 20-25


KC Coleslaw

hand cut cabbage, mayo, cider vinegar and a touch of honey.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $50                                 Price: $25

Feeds: 50-60                            Feeds: 25-30


Mom’s Pasta Salad

A family favorite! Angel hair pasta mixed with fresh garden veggies, salad seasoning, and herb vinaigrette.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $75                                 Price: $40

Feeds: 30-40                           Feeds: 20


Fresh Fruit Tray

Local fresh melon including watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew, with berries and grapes.

Full Tray                              Half Tray

Price: $75                                 Price: $40

Feeds: 30-40                           Feeds: 20



Condiments and Toppings


Our house aoili is made with garlic, fresh herbs, and a touch of balsamic.           

Price: $10.50

Feeds: 15-20


Burger Sets

Platters of lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles to dress you burger for success.

Full Platter                          Half Platter

Price: $50                                 Price: $25

Feeds: 25                                  Feeds: 10


Standard Condiment Display

Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, Relish.

Full Tray Amount*            Half Tray Amount*

Price: $40                                 Price: $25

Feeds: 50                                  Feeds: 10

* This item does not fill physically fill a tray. However, it does cover all items in a tray (e.g. enough condiments for a half tray of burgers, etc.)


KC’s BBQ Sauce

Our house sauces come in three flavors: Mango BBQ, Honey Chipotle and Fiery Bourbon BBQ.           

Price: $5.50 per bottle

Feeds: 10-15

 Order today by calling (517) 974-8569!

Promotional offer through 7/2/16.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I place my order?

Order today by calling us at 517.974.8569, using our contact form, or emailing us at

Do you deliver my order?

Yes! All orders are drop off within a 30 mile radius of our kitchen located in Howell, MI. Any order within 15 miles is delivered for free, and mileage beyond that is 44 cents per mile. Our exact address is located on our contact page.

I live further than 30 miles away. How do I get my order?

You’re always welcome to pick it up from us! And hey, give us a call. There may be something we can work out for you! We try to be as flexible as possible.

I live far away. What if I want to reheat the food items?

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We’ll make every effort to get the food to you warm, but if you plan on serving it later on in the day, we provide reheat instructions right on the lid of the trays, for each item that needs it.


Didn’t answer your question? Feel free to contact us so we may assist you further.