KC on the Road: A Culinary Journey From North to South, Part 2

January 19, 2015

Refreshed from our night at the Cabot Lodge, we headed straight for Louisiana, stopping in Lafayette just in time for lunch.  We knew we weren’t going to leave Louisiana without a poor boy, so we decided to stop at the Olde Tyme Grocery located right on the campus of LSU.  Through the hustle of lunch service we were able to procure our sandwiches and took them into the adjacent dining room adorned with years of Louisiana history, mostly centered on local football teams and mardi gras.



The catfish poor boy, a special of the day, hit the spot.  The fish was moist, well seasoned, and paired with Zapp’s Voodoo chips, we were in poor boy heaven!

Next we hit the road and made it all the way to Pharr, Texas by 9 pm.  Our mission was to wake up early and get to the Alamo Flea Market and peruse aisle upon aisle of goods for sale, ranging from miscellaneous tools and clothing to live animals and fresh vegetables.  They even had a freak show, but we were more attracted to the papa stand.

Here a potato is wrapped around a stick, deep fried, and handed over to you to adorn with salt, chile sauce, lemon juice, and mayonnaise.  We devoured it while listening to a small band play nearby.


After enjoying the flea market, we headed into McAllen for a run along a trail.  After burning a sufficient amount of calories, we headed up 10th street for a nourishing bowl of Pho.



For the last meal of our culinary journey, we had breakfast at the unassuming Moonlight Cafe in Edinburg, Texas.  For me, nothing is more satisfying than chilaquiles con huevo on Sunday morning, and this is one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had!  Eggs mixed with tortilla strips, salsa, and covered in queso sits next to refried beans and fresh flour or corn tortillas.  While you wait, you are served fried tortilla chips dusted in cinnamon sugar to enjoy with your coffee.



It was a perfect ending to our culinary journey, and our big Texas breakfast kept me full for my flight back home to Michigan.  Our trip was a success, and we look forward to our next adventure!

Kathryn Wandrie is the head chef and co-owner of KC Catering. Though she is trained in French Classical Cuisine, she expands the boundaries of her culinary education by experimenting with new techniques, cuisines and methods. When she's not cheffing, you can find her on the family farm, spending time with family, or reading a good novel.

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