Latin American Heritage Month

September 18, 2017

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with KC Catering!

Hispanic Heritage Month (also known as Latinx Heritage Month) is celebrated annually in the United States between September 15 (which happens to be Independence Day for five Central American countries–Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica) and October 15, a few days after El día de la Raza (Columbus Day, also known as The Day of Indigenous Resistance in some countries). One of the many contributions made by immigrants from the diverse nations comprising Latin America is a variety of delicious food! Read below to learn more about the ingredients that characterize some of the region’s cuisines.

1. Corn.

Just think of all of the corn you encounter in Mexican restaurant in the United States, right down to the chips and salsa! Corn is a staple of Mexican and Central American food and culture; in fact, in a Pre-Columbian creation story from the Mayan peoples of Mesoamerica included in the sacred book El Popol Vuh, man was created from corn. Corn is used to make the aforementioned chips, as well as tortillas, tamales, and a number of specialty foods, including one of our favorites: pupusas. To make your own pupusas this year, follow our recipe:

2. Potatoes.

While we tend to associated corn with Latin American food, we sometimes forget the importance of another agricultural product native to the Americas: the potato. In South America, and particularly in Peru, potatoes are found in any number of dishes, from the stir-fry lomo saltado to the chilled, stuffed mashed potato pie of causa, and all of the papa rellena and papa a la Huancaína street foods in between. Try any one of these delicious dishes this month!

3. Seafood.

The coastal regions of the nations of Latin America have led to the development of some of our favorite seafood dishes, like Ceviche, coctel de camarones, and Spain’s famous dish: paella. If you are looking for a festive meal with minimal preparation, check out KC’s easy weeknight version of this traditional dinner:


There are too many delectable meals from Latin America and Spain to feature in a single blog post! If you want to learn more, check out our blogs on food from the Texas-Mexico border. And be sure to follow KC on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to celebrate HHM with us! Every Thursday during Hispanic Heritage Month, we will be featuring a dish or cocktail from Latin America or Spain. ¡Buen provecho!

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