Stuffing vs. Dressing

November 14, 2014

Everyone has a preference for their holiday sides, and to KC, that’s what a holiday dinner is all about: creating that warm, comfortable, satisfying food that makes the meal special.  Stuffing or dressing are a staple on most Thanksgiving tables, so we decided to explore the popular dish a little further. What is the difference between stuffing and dressing?

Stuffing is really any mixture that is literally “stuffed” into something.  This can range from mixtures put into fish, poultry, beef
roulades, you name it, and also across every cultural cuisine you can think of.  In terms of the holiday, stuffing refers to a bread mixture seasoned with aromatics and stuffed in the turkey.

Dressing, on the other hand, is this same mixture baked in a dish.  Rumor has it that Southerners thought that “stuffing” wasn’t genteel enough of a word and so started calling it dressing in the 1800s, but Northerners have called it stuffing since it was created.

Here at KC Catering, we have developed a couple of recipes that were family favorites and gave them a little culinary boost. On our recipes page, you’ll find our recipe for Apple, Sausage and Chestnut Stuffing along with our Herb Cornbread Dressing.  Our preference is to serve the cornbread dressing on the side and let the turkey juices soak into the Apple and Sausage Stuffing. Whatever you decide to call it, make sure its delicious and share it with family and friends!


Kathryn Wandrie is the head chef and co-owner of KC Catering. Though she is trained in French Classical Cuisine, she expands the boundaries of her culinary education by experimenting with new techniques, cuisines and methods. When she's not cheffing, you can find her on the family farm, spending time with family, or reading a good novel.

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